My quilts are done entirely by hand.  The only two materials I use for making quilts are salmon skins and linen thread.  All the colours are dyed from plants and kitchen waste that I collect. 


Working with salmon skins is a physically laborious process.  From cleaning and tanning skins into a useable material to hand cutting, stitching and weaving with the material, it is a slow but highly rewarding process.  A lot of love is placed from the beginning to the end.  I have always dreamt of designing at a grander scale for viewers to be able to appreciate the stunning, natural details and textures of the skins.  Hopefully, the time, effort and love shows through the imperfect stitches and hand processed skins.

Natural dye collection quilt, approx. 28x28in. (72x72cm)


Smoked salmon woven sampler quilt, approx. 32x32in. (82x82cm)


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