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Plant-based Food Waste Dye


The majority of plant-based dyes that I use are found within my kitchen.  I use 'kitchen wastes' that I save, such as avocado skins, onion skins and leftover pieces of fruits/vegetables.  I also store certain dried goods such as teas and spices in my cabinets that I have discovered to work well as dyes for my skins.  Of course being a lover of natural dyes, I also dabble in the usual natural dye ingredients such as cochineal, logwood, madder...  The list of natural dyes that I use is endless.  Contrary to the common belief that natural dyes produce dull colours, with my technique of extracting colours from the dye material, I am able to attain a range of vibrant, full, unique colours.

IMG_6158 2.jpg
IMG_6870 2.jpg
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