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In an ideal world, all our fish are natural, wild and free.

My work, created from 'food waste', focuses on honouring wild salmon -- its plight and its extraordinary role in the evolution of civilisation itself.

My practice represents the restoration and urgent preservation of wild salmon and fish in our seas, rivers and waterways. I tell stories that hold cultural, emotional and ecological values.

Through my work with Art - Activism, I address farmed salmon (fish), wild salmon and also the objectives and ideals we must strive toward.


Born in Orange County, California, Andrea Liu is an artist and designer who works with salmon skins. 

Since 2017, she has dedicated her work towards re-evaluating and re-viving salmon skins that are found in the waste bins of smokeries, restaurants, factories and fishermen.  Motivated to work in a 100-percent chemical-free environment and zero-waste practice, she adopts traditional practices of dyeing, tanning, and weaving.

Having a background in material research, life-centred design, and on-/off-loom woven construction, she believes it to be important to identify an emotional connection with every material she works with.  This emotional connection enables any waste to transform into material of value.  She truly believes that artists and designers have an opportunity of designing positive change.

Andrea is currently in her last year of MA Textiles in The Royal College of Art (London, UK).  She also graduated from BA Textile Design (Specialism: Weave) at Central St. Martins (2018), M.phil Creative Writing at Trinity College Dublin (2012), and BA Chinese Studies at The University of Manchester (2011).

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