Born in Orange County, California, Andrea Liu is a textile artist, designer and writer.  Graduating from Central St. Martins in 2018, she specialises in woven textile design and has honed her skills in material research, sustainable practices, and on- and off-loom woven construction.  She approaches every project with the goal of turning waste into material of value.  She handcrafts one-off pieces that can be used as artistic pieces or as unique products for accessories and interiors.


With sustainability at the heart of her work, she aspires to work in a 100-percent chemical-free environment and adopts traditional practices of dyeing, tanning, spinning and weaving.  She believes that designers have an opportunity of designing positive change, even if it is as small as simply creating a dialogue.  In addition to promoting sustainable practices, she is also interested in preserving stories and crafts that are on the verge of being forgotten.  It is important for her that her designs are not only aesthetic but also imbued with stories that hold cultural, historical and emotional values. 

Prior to Central St. Martins, she worked as an Executive Assistant and ghostwriter for a film producer.  As well, she attained a B.A. (Hons) in Chinese Studies from The University of Manchester in 2011 and a M.phil in Creative Writing from Trinity College Dublin in 2012.  

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