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Why Not Listen To This Podcast?

I am very excited to share this podcast interview with you.

Back in November 2019, Lance Forman and I were interviewed by the brilliant Gilly Smith about smoking salmon and reusing the skin for salmon leather. Working with Leon Restaurants, Gilly has compiled a wonderful podcast series titled How To Eat To Save The Planet. What better way to use this time of social distancing and being homebound than to listen to this series that "takes a comprehensive look at sustainable food production from field to fork"?

If you are interested to listen to our interview titled "Salmon Scaling: Making The Most Of The Whole Fish", here is the link:

Before I run off again, I just wanted to jot down a wee note on the quote given at the end of the interview. I just felt it best to clarify that the inspirational quote spoken by Audrey Armstrong was from an amazing article titled "Sewing (and Sharing) with Salmon" (link: that I had found for my Final Degree project research. Audrey did not tell it to me directly. But, last summer I had the opportunity to meet her in Sitka, Alaska and learn from her. During that time, she did share with me about the importance of salmon for her and the Alaskans, a conversation that I will treasure forever. With that clarified, I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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